Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moot charms your mind the way it works.

Moot, an answer to Knowledge Management puzzle on the millennial frontier:
"Keep me in the moment while letting me capture, create, and share simply"

Just as Frederick Taylor observed the wrong tool for the job was being used to move sand in a factory - a shovel, so have Alex and I found that the wrong tools for the job was being used. Evernote and other tools are clunky, the shovel doesn't hold or move sand the best just because it has traditionally been used the most.

3 key processes are essential to my operating efficiency:

1) Storing Knowledge
2) Acquiring/Creating Knowledge
3) Sharing Knowledge

We echo the sentiment that Kirk McElhearn gave regarding the lack of a dream writing app for OS X that actually behaves according to a real writer's needs. (See his closing paragraph:

We hold our focus on the mobile moments which dominate our lives.

We are answering the question for the new micro-messaging paradigm, "Can't my smart devices keep me in the moment while letting me capture, create, and share info simply and smartly?'

We have smart devices in our hands and on our faces --- in order to capture the highest value from these (and avoid being crushed by their complexity), we need to re-align their capacities to match our needs.

That's what moot is doing.

1) While I'm always poised at the helm to capture new data, I'm simultaneously presented with my most recent thoughts. By gesture I command alternate visualizations of my thoughts.
2) One touch displays my mind's public, shared, or private realms.
3) All notes are visually, colorfully categorized in the way that makes sense to me.

To the third point - Shapes & color carry lightspeed meaning to the human mind. That's how the concept of moot charms a graceful compliment to support your precious mental powers.


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