Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Keeping" takes on lofty ambition to simplify support. aims to simplify support from your e-mail inbox. I'd like to see that.
 Do you think they can do it?  @keepingcom

Brusell Communications has built an alternative to hand/voice input to computers: Lipit

A step in the right direction. Props to Brusell Communications' Lipit for exploring an alternative to hand/voice input to interface with computers!

Who it matters to:
1) Dental Hygienists (and their patients)
2) People who experience loss of their motor capacities through Multiple Sclerosis, etc.
3) Life-long learners*

*I would like to associate Lipit with the world of online education opportunities ( that can be enabled to people through alternative computing interfaces.  This speaks to me because the type of thinking that Lipit's team embodies is the kind of thinking that can empower people to improve their own circumstances.

See what they have come up with:

That's a Great Question: What does it matter?

What I learned from Erik Perjons, at Stockholm University of Computer & System Sciences.

It is a moot thing to explore an experiment. It matters if that experiment has a purposeful application which warrants its execution.

Consider Scenario:
Here is a great question: Great.
"Does it matter?"
"To whom?"
Group A
X, Y, and Z
"Explain in detail?'
 R, S, T

Erik and I were discussing my proposed bachelor thesis question.
He impressed me that any question however fascinating or unexplored is useless to answer outside of a motivating context that makes it meaningful.

Erik Perjons taught my favorite course, "Knowledge Management"

Nudges for hacks I got while writing this blog.

GoogleShift - parse your text for images/links from web on command; a keyboard-button; a command; a plug-in; Purpose: workflow enhancement to add images for your proper noun (ex. University of Mannheim)

SocialShift - GoogleShift for social media profiles esp. Twitter. (ex. Professor Nicolo Venga)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What leaders say about "Winner's Dream"

  • PRAISE by business influencers 


  • "Bill McDermott has had a hugely successful career--from Xerox to SAP. In this very human book, he describes the secrets that led to this success."
    – Jack Welch

  • "Bill McDermott is my good friend because, like me, in spite of great success, he never forgot his humble beginnings. The hardships and challenges his family experienced when Bill was a young boy motivated and inspired him to become the man he is today. Read this book and you too will be motivated and inspired."

    – Tony Bennett

  • "Bill McDermott's story shows how to grow a business as well as a career with authenticity and respect. A heartfelt read, there is much to learn from Bill's journey."

    – Howard Schultz, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Starbucks Coffee Company

  • "Bill McDermott sees ambition and compassion as comrades in the workplace rather than competitors. That’s rare. He claims it's just common sense… but I claim it's the Irish in him."

    – Bono, lead singer of U2 and (RED) co-founder.

  • "Bill McDermott shares his blueprint for winning in business and in life with a level of authenticity that reflects the Zeitgeist of our times. The world opens its arms to gifted leaders who don't push change but who skillfully release the astonishing capacities of a team to transform their dreams into possibilities and possibilities into destiny. His insights into dealing with adversity and disappointment show his courage to embrace vulnerability and humility. His pearls of wisdom for business leaders follow the same arc of excellence as his grandfather's legendary ability of sinking consecutive shots from mid-court. A truly thoughtful, exceptional and meaningful read."

    – Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power

  • "Bill McDermott understands that success is ultimately about the journey--and his has been extraordinary."

    – Tory Burch

  • "Bill McDermott is a rare breed of leader who has used challenges in business and life to galvanize teams and create often unprecedented results. After interviewing over 400 top CEOs, I strongly recommend Winners Dream as a must read for every CEO, their board, executives and sales teams. Filled with practical insights, Winners Dream presents tools, philosophies and inspiration to help any person, team or enterprise control their own destiny."

    – Robert Reiss, Host & CEO of The CEO Show

  • "Boston College’s Chief Executives’ Club of Boston has hosted hundreds of CEOs from around the globe including Bill McDermott of SAP, who stands out from the crowd as a visionary leader with a moral compass. Through poignant personal stories, Bill shares life lessons that will resonate for anyone reading his biography Winners Dream: A Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office, whether they are running a Fortune 500 company or starting a paper route. Easily accessible and filled with humor and insight, this book, and the stories Bill shares, illustrates that business success is possible without deviating from one’s core values."

    – Warren K. Zola, Executive Director of CEO Club of Boston

  • "Inspiring"

    – Kirkus

  • Monday, September 22, 2014


    Continuity features inspire me.
    My continuity feature hope/hack is copy-send.
    everytime I copy something to my clipboard, it populates a database or microblog for my perusal later (like buffer, or twitter).

    What if I could have one interface for all comms?

    What if all my communication with people came to me in the command line prompt.
    What a dream that would be.  All I would have to do is redirect or copy all traffic from my e-mail, SMS, twitter, Facebook, google+, LinkedIn, Viber, Moot, and Phone channels into and repeat the content and the sender in pure text.

    Then I would love to be able to write back in the same command line terminal, and my people would get the responses back in their respective sending channels.
    Then if there was media attached to a message, I could act on it, play the audio, see the photo, watch the video, digest the link -- IF I wanted to.

    I think this is the concept that IFTTT empowers people with.  I would take to this extreme simplicity if I knew how.

    Well, studying programming via Coursera is empowering me. One day soon.

    Friday, September 19, 2014

    Morse invented the Uni-Keyboard

    Touch surfaces prompt me to ponder the keyboard and omni-present input interfaces.

    My mind thinks of Samuel Morse. His Morse Code was essentially beautifully, simple one key keyboar.d

    Morse Code. It had to be interpreted by humans, and therefore had to be sent slow enough for human processing.

    What if you could speed up morse code signals (the human listening space between dits and dahs), and receive them via a computer that could interpret them instantly.

    You would have nano morse code.
    Nano Morse Code.
    Norse Code.

    What would be the data size difference of this sentence in morse code (digitized) vs. current character data encoding/reading algorithms?

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    Reflection on knowledge contained, ideas prompted by apple watch

    What knowledge is being contained in the apple watch? The question opens centuries of persistent human questions and answers, and new questions.  Society will answer them as it integrates with instances of this element.

    Expected effects designing human behavior & communicative capabilities- tap a person by tapping your wrist? wow. 
    Get nudged which direction you should go on your journey? wow.

    Saturday, September 6, 2014

    Searching for a medium that can be mastered

    Anna VallgÄrda has an answer for you Ingalls.

    Thank you Ingalls, thank you Rasmus who pointed out what Ingalls said:
    "[…] a vision that includes a creative individual and the best computing hardware available.
    "Ingalls builds further on this vision, writing:
    "If a system is to serve the creative spirit, it must be entirely comprehensible to a single individual.
    The point here is that the human potential manifests itself in individuals. To realize this potential, we must provide a medium that can be mastered by a single individual. Any barrier that exists between the user and some part of the system will eventually be a barrier to creative expression."

    See the full article

    Friday, September 5, 2014

    Glass has Gravity

    Many times I'm asked what is Google Glass useful for?

    At face value (hehe) Glass is useful for meeting people.
    I've found Glass has a lot of gravity.  Its presence effortlessly sucks the attention of people around you and funnels that attention into comments and questions and stares. 

     That's okay! Glass is a curiosity.

    And getting a sucked into Glass's orbit facilitates group ideation and inspiration, which I believe is Glass's key purpose. 

    I love the chance to get inspired, and benefit from ideas and experiences of other people as we envision with a Glass-induced trance what the future should, could, and shouldn't be.

    I also like the educational effortlessness of glass-- take the Star Search app. I learned more in 10 minutes of perusing stars and planets in my <augmented> field-of-view than I did in boy-hood outings to discover the constellations.

    Humor & Gravity

    I was milling around the kitchen at work and discovered the opposite force of gravity: Humor!

    Gravity pulls. Humor lifts.
    Brooding thoughts drag, a light-hearted attitude spring-loads your steps.

    Humor has different colors:

    Serious tension can be sliced into cake when a contagious brand of humor walks in the room.

    Feeling grim? Something funny might catch you in the mirror.

    Where is the sun?

    It's daylight and you are standing outside: Where is the sun?
    -- How do you know?

    It's daylight and you are standing inside a four-walled room with no windows: Where is the sun?
    -- How do you know?

    It's the middle of the night, you are outside standing in the forest: Where is the sun?
    -- How do you know?

    It's 5:00 AM, just before dawn, your home is in a valley surrounded by mountains: Where is the sun?
    -- How do you know?

    It's midnight on the night of the new moon: Where is the sun?
    -- How do you know?

    What informs your knowledge about the sun?

    For me, it is the bath of golden light in the daytime, the moon's reflective surface, the lightbulbs that are recycled sunlight, the green trees which though darkened in the night air promise me there was a sun that passed by recently, and the pattern of the sun's 24 hour cycle (a.k.a earth's 24 hour cycle) which I've been conditioned to believe will continue tomorrow.

    Make sure you keep a friend like the moon around in your orbit so you can always be reminded that there's light on it's way to your place in the world, no matter how dark it may look now.

    All these things witness there is a sun that was here, and will soon come again.