Friday, September 5, 2014

Glass has Gravity

Many times I'm asked what is Google Glass useful for?

At face value (hehe) Glass is useful for meeting people.
I've found Glass has a lot of gravity.  Its presence effortlessly sucks the attention of people around you and funnels that attention into comments and questions and stares. 

 That's okay! Glass is a curiosity.

And getting a sucked into Glass's orbit facilitates group ideation and inspiration, which I believe is Glass's key purpose. 

I love the chance to get inspired, and benefit from ideas and experiences of other people as we envision with a Glass-induced trance what the future should, could, and shouldn't be.

I also like the educational effortlessness of glass-- take the Star Search app. I learned more in 10 minutes of perusing stars and planets in my <augmented> field-of-view than I did in boy-hood outings to discover the constellations.

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