Wednesday, September 24, 2014

That's a Great Question: What does it matter?

What I learned from Erik Perjons, at Stockholm University of Computer & System Sciences.

It is a moot thing to explore an experiment. It matters if that experiment has a purposeful application which warrants its execution.

Consider Scenario:
Here is a great question: Great.
"Does it matter?"
"To whom?"
Group A
X, Y, and Z
"Explain in detail?'
 R, S, T

Erik and I were discussing my proposed bachelor thesis question.
He impressed me that any question however fascinating or unexplored is useless to answer outside of a motivating context that makes it meaningful.

Erik Perjons taught my favorite course, "Knowledge Management"

Nudges for hacks I got while writing this blog.

GoogleShift - parse your text for images/links from web on command; a keyboard-button; a command; a plug-in; Purpose: workflow enhancement to add images for your proper noun (ex. University of Mannheim)

SocialShift - GoogleShift for social media profiles esp. Twitter. (ex. Professor Nicolo Venga)

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