Monday, September 22, 2014

What if I could have one interface for all comms?

What if all my communication with people came to me in the command line prompt.
What a dream that would be.  All I would have to do is redirect or copy all traffic from my e-mail, SMS, twitter, Facebook, google+, LinkedIn, Viber, Moot, and Phone channels into and repeat the content and the sender in pure text.

Then I would love to be able to write back in the same command line terminal, and my people would get the responses back in their respective sending channels.
Then if there was media attached to a message, I could act on it, play the audio, see the photo, watch the video, digest the link -- IF I wanted to.

I think this is the concept that IFTTT empowers people with.  I would take to this extreme simplicity if I knew how.

Well, studying programming via Coursera is empowering me. One day soon.

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