Thursday, November 27, 2014

SAP Korea: Opportunities for college students to compete

Cool example of merging students with industry.

SAP Korea To Host '2014 Run Better SAP HANA Hackathon'

SAP Korea has announced that it has started accepting applications for the "2014 Run Better: SAP HANA Hackathon," to be held on December 4 at the CMG Fashion Center Event Hall in Seoul. Sponsored by Korea Database Agency, HP and VMware, the Hackathon is divided into two parts: a competition for SAP HANA coding and another one on SAP HANA implementation success story presentations. SAP Korea has been holding "HANA d-code" monthly since last May, providing opportunities for college students and developers to experience coding for SAP HANA and to increase understanding of the platform. SAP will maintain HANA d-code while inaugurating the Hackathon to allow more opportunities for participants. The SAP HANA coding competition is open to the developers, who know the SAP HANA platform or existing databases, and will evaluate challengers based on their speed and accuracy. SAP partner and client-affiliated teams will present their success cases and value gained via SAP HANA. 

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