Monday, August 18, 2014

It just dawned on me!

Every move the earth makes in relation to the sun affects it's quality of life.
The earth's daily relationship with the sun is what empowers it to survive and thrive.
 A) the commitment to a steady orbit
 B) the consistent way it rotates,
 C) the friends it keeps in it's orbit

A) The earth has decided to stay in a steady orbit the sun. Good choice. It means it receives the benefit of the sun's continued radiation. It means things get green and grow.

B) The earth rotates daily, making sure all aspects of it get their share of light. It's not always exact, but enough to maintain a steady yet diverse set of regions, seasons and living conditions where things can develop & die, freeze & melt, evaporate and condense, and have more than enough energy to interact with and keep things in motion. And that stuff makes it beautiful too.

C) The earth has a friend. The moon.
The moon has decided hang out in earth's orbit in a committed pattern. Because of this, the dark side of the earth's daily rhythm gets a reliable companion that reflects the sun's light. The moon can be trusted to shine that reflected light even when the sun is out of view. That's what good friends do.

Good choice. That moon/earth relationship is also a sun relationship because of the sun light that gets passed around.

No other relationship that the earth could have can offer so much in the long run. Orbiting jupiter might be a thrill for a moment, but that relationship would get cold pretty quick.

Only a committed orbit to the sun makes life on earth possible & beautiful.

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