Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why is gravity?

Why is Gravity?

Gravity is the essence/framework of opposition that gives you/things the ability to define themselves in contrast to or in adherence to any other thing.
For those of us who are given the ability to instantly move matter/thoughts by the power of your own will/mind/body (however limited that capacity may be), this means we are agents to choose which 'things' we will move toward/attract, all the while experiencing the pull of other things' gravity. We choose whether we will move with or against the gravity of every thing or idea.
What is your body? A carnal collection of elements in your circle of influence with a high speed connective framework to your mind & heart's desires. Your heart sublimates/resonates on levels beyond your body and mind. Perhaps your mind is like your on-premise CPU and memory cache, and your heart and it's connections are the undelete-able core entities in the cloud. You can search with your heart + mind + body to acquire knowledge. Your body is like your mobile device: it's the shape & form in which your CPU (mind) is housed w/ a set of sensors (your physical senses like accelerometer, heat sense, etc.)
Your heart is the server which stores & keeps & holds (automatically & permanently) the insights aggregated from the daily front lines of data your mobile body goes through.
Your heart knows things that your mere mind could not comprehend.
Your heart is the home server. Your mind can be impaired by chemicals' or aging's consequences, but your heart's existence transcends dependency on those brain buttons.
Your heart is the core you. It is your essential spirit, which was organized by a creative genius who loves you. That Heavenly Father is also your power source. Your Heavenly Father/Creator is immortal. So since your spirit's power source is Immortal, your spirit likewise cannot be deleted, so long as He lives.
Your heart is the things you want to be part of, and it becomes part of what you choose to be moved by the gravity of. Your heart simultaneously attracts, and is attracted to things, knowledge, & people. It can grow. It can collect connections with things. It can power things & people in it's orbit. Just like your Heavenly Father can power you.
So you are a heart(an intelligent autonomous decision maker) dressed with a CPU (mind: processing power) and a mobile(mortal: sensors) body
And you have been released into a throbbing system of space & things & people (internet of things) that each exert some kind of mental/physical gravity on you.
Gravity is a persuasive exertion on your heart. But you are the decision maker. And your decisions hold gravity.
Your decisions become entities with their own gravity which exerts an invitational pull to other people. Example: Have you ever gotten the courage to give a standing ovation, only after other people decide to?
OR when a large crowd of people you have built connections with decide to do something, and you find it easy to join their gravitational pull.
Decisions made release energy.
Decisions in the process of being made consume energy.
I believe that post-decision energy release affects other people, like a ripple through a pond, a solar wind through planets, or a supernova through a galaxy.
The energy could be understood as gravity
Consider'the gravity of a situation'
"The grave" (pun intended) is the symbol of the limits of this throbbing system of mortal stuff: death. It's a grave thought. And it's not just a pun-- A grave thought is also describing a thought that is heavy with gravity). It exerts a weight on your thoughts. Anything grave pulls. And the grave is continually exerting a pull against your mortal capacities-- like how gravity is pulling you, your arms, your legs, and your eyelids down.
Your decision on whether you keep your eyelids open defines you. And your noble decisions inspire people around you (in your orbit, affected by your spirit's cool new gravitational pull.)
Your decisions invite everyone in your orbit to move in that direction.
That's how movements are born and grow.
Everybody can still choose where they will move to, but they have to deal with the new gravity your decisions exert on them.
They are subject to decide with or opposite to the direction that your inescapable gravity is exerting on them

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